Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Webster Family {Caughlin Ranch, Reno, NV}

This family is some of our best friends here in Reno. My kids love their kids, my husband and I love Kenny and Becca and we do so much together. They are some of the biggest reasons we love being in Reno and why it feels so much like home.
I had another friend come help and get smiles on the kids' faces and she was also my assistant with the lighting. We used the reflector and I love the results that it presented. I couldn't believe we found a spot that had so many flowers still in bloom. You almost couldn't tell that they were fall portraits. They tended to resemble spring shots. Either way, the colors blended great together and looked amazing with their outfits. Especially the purple!
Luckily we brought some bubbles because we started to lose Drake towards the end. Once we whipped them out, he had the time of his life. We were able to capture his beautiful smile as well as laughter even though he was due for a nap.
Thank you, Webster family, for another successful year of portraits!!


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