Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Unique Story Winner - Grant Klino {Reno NV Family Photographer}

If you remember, we had a contest a couple months back about people's unique stories. After hearing the story of this sweet little boy, I was so excited to tell his story. After having a premature baby myself and experiencing the emotional roller coaster that comes from an anything-but-ideal-labor my heart went out to this family. I thank the Lord every day for modern medicine and wonderful nurses and doctors that help bring babies into this world. I hope you enjoy this "miracle baby" story as much as I have and the joy that children bring to our lives.

 Shauna Klino tells of Grant's birth story:
"We decided not to find out the sex of our 2nd baby , which made my pregnancy and the anticipation of the birth very exciting. 
        I was 41 weeks when the doctor decided to induce labor. After 22 plus hours of being in the hospital we were finally ready to push. After 3 pushes his head delivered and the nurses were confident in the next 2 pushes or baby would be here. 
          After about 3 minutes of pushing and still no baby, the nurse and the mid wife's face go completely white and they both start yelling for a doctor, and my husband runs up the hall yelling for a doctor, after which about 10 more nurses flood into my room, 4 pushing on my belly, 2 pulling my legs all the way back to my head. A doctor finally comes in and instantly looks scared. He looks at me and says, "If you don't push harder, your baby is probably going to die". So my husband is crying and telling me, "Push babe, push". 
          In the final attempt to get my son out ( you only have 5 minutes after the head delivers to get the rest of the baby out or they run out of oxygen) they ended up giving me a 4th degree episiotomy ( end to end cut) to save his life. They pulled him out and he was completely limp. He needed to have chest compressions to start breathing. Luckily they got him to start breathing, and since I was so late and he was so big ( 10lbs 2oz) he had enough oxygen in his umbilical cord to save his life. 
          The real miracle is that he was perfectly healthy, nothing wrong, even after the trauma ! He turned 1 in August and everyday I am so thankful to the doctor who saved him! He is the sweetest baby ever!"

Thank you to the Klino family for allowing me to tell your story and capturing your beautiful family. Life truly is a miracle and you have one gorgeous little boy to prove it! 



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