Thursday, September 19, 2013

Ashley {Reno/Tahoe Senior Photography}

This session was such a joy for me! Ashley is a friend of Madi, the last senior session I did. They are both amazing young women. Ashley and I clicked right away (not just due to the fact that she's into photography). She is very confident and it made her shine through the lens. I also loved the fact that she made the session her own and brought her own flair. She was no stranger in front of the camera. She has been having her picture taken ever since she was a baby once a year for her birthday. I hardly had to tell her how to pose. She was just a natural.
It was also touching.......her dad past away over a year ago due to cancer and she brought her necklace that has some of his ashes in it. Naturally, I had to incorporate it into the session because he was such a huge part of who she is. He also loved tattoos so one way she shows her love is by own tattoo with his name. I was so honored to get to photograph her!

Happy Shooting!


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